About Me

True guidance can be like a small lamp in a tunnel. If does not show everything at once but gives enough light for the next step to be safe and save.

Son of a teacher of small village in Surendranagar district Dr. Manish Doshi has inherited the values and understanding about importance of education in life from his parents. He has not been taught to be with truth and standing for society”s rights and welfare, but it has been imbibed in his personality. Coming from rural background Doshi has very well understood the issues faced by the students of rural areas, who come to city for education. Be it about the issues of hostel life or choosing right faculty in higher education he has studied every possible problem faced by the students and has formulated his own innovative solutions to help students.

Since his students days, he has developed an understanding that it is necessary to create a public opinion for the solution of issues, which have been deep-rooted in the present system of education. He joined National Students Union of India during his engineering education in LD College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. He led many successful movements for students” rights.

Doshi has continued his association with students and higher education after his college days. He is senior member of Gujarat University Executive Council and he is also holding responsibility as Spokesperson of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee.

Sensing the issue that not only rural but even urban students are facing tremendous confusion when it comes to choosing right career, Doshi started giving them career guidance. He is visiting across the state for 10 years to give public lectures on career guidance to the students after the results of class 12 and class 10. This selfless service has given him a special place in the heart of the students fraternity. Now in this regard, he has involved the use of technology to provide all the updated information about the graduate and post graduate programs in different faculties and various institutions in the country and abroad. It can be said that Dr. Manish Doshi is live encyclopedia of career guidance. Now for last 6 years he is compiling and publishing a career guidance book for the students passing class 12 and for last 3 years he is publishing book of career guidance for the students after class 10. He has also made these books available on-line. His services are widely recognized by the society as well.

While the element of commercialization of education started taking place in the education system, he was the one who foresighted the evils of the commercialization and raised his voice against it. For last 15 years, he is leading from front against the corruption, commercialization and exploitation of poor and middle class students and their families. He has fought the case of dummy writers scam in the state by filing a public interest litigation, which has forced state education system to be more strict and transparent in the board examinations. He has always play a road-block for the self financed education institutions by successfully protesting against their demands of fees-hike. He has clear vision that no deserving student from financially poor of middle class family should be exploited by the institutions functioning with the motive of profiteering from the students fees